White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly Blisters Ann Coulter For Joking About Hurricane Irma Victims Dying

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly took an out of character shot at conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Sunday for joking about the victims of Hurricane Irma.

The former general called Coulter out after she all-cap tweeted: “HURRICANE UPDATE FROM MIAMI: LIGHT RAIN; RESIDENTS AT RISK OF DYING FROM BOREDOM.”

Coulter’s tweet — which disregarded four deaths already attributed to Irma — irked Kelly who fired back, “Hard to understand the point of making light of honest attempts to warn people of danger.”

Kelly who reportedly is slowing Trump down from tweeting indiscriminately was congratulated for calling the conservative demagogue out, with one Twitter user pointing out that Coulter owns a home in Palm Beach, writing: “Coulter needs a reality check. She’ll be the first one applying for disaster relief. Maybe you can draft her and give her a dose or reality.”

Coulter seemed to not get the point, later tweeting: “I wish cables would mention the hurricane. There is a decidedly heavier-than-average morning dew in Miami; Palm Beach bordering on breezy.”

You can read the tweets below: