Trump’s Sons Push His Business and Politics

Donald Trump has started a business empire in addition to a political career.

There is supposed to be a keen difference between the two, but the line is drawn too thin by Trump as he is constantly overlapping his several interests with one another to benefit himself.

POLITICO has reported that Trump’s sons, whom are not supposed to push his politics within the business, continue to piggy-back off their father’s comments, such as his comment about London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

“It’s hard to describe what they’re doing in polite words,” said Mark Foster, a lawyer who specializes in ethics.

“If he — and this is a loaded term — if he gets away with it, then obviously he sets a new standard for future presidents: ‘It’s OK to do this,’ which I think would be extremely regrettable because it’s never been the standard and it ought not to be the standard,” Foster continued.

“But if he does it and gets away with it, then, you know, what president down the road is gonna feel constrained not to set his own standards? There are no standards.”

A former White House lawyer said,

“Look, they have a First Amendment right to comment, but when they do things like that, they are also making it clear that the president’s business interests and duties as a president are blended, and that’s the problem for me. It’s not that somehow there’s some law against it, but it’s a further blurring of what I thought he said he was gonna put in place to make sure that there’d be a separation between him and his business interests.”