Trump’s Schedule Seems To Show He’s Ready To Give Up & Resign

This may well be the worst week for Trump since he took office.

We learned from Howard Stern about 10 days ago that Trump misses his old life and really doesn’t want to be President anymore.

And now we have official government data that seems to show that Trump really is starting to give up. That, or he’s just being lazy.

Wapost has compiled a couple of charts that plot publicly available data from President Trump’s daily schedule, provided by the White House.

It shows a dramatic reduction in scheduling for Trump.

His Tweet about being active is bogus, because by now we know that when Trump is self conscious about something, he tries to cover it up by saying the opposite of what he really thinks and feels.

trump schedule lazy


Here are the charts. I’d like to direct your attention to the last part of each graph, which clearly shows a massive drop in activity for Trump.

number of events on schedule



events by week

You always want to be cautious when drawing conclusions from any set of data, but this seems pretty cut and dry here. Trump is less active.

Now he could be active “off the record” doing unscheduled things, but this is too coincidental.

You could certainly assume from this data that Trump isn’t enjoying himself and might be ready to call it quits.

Also, one quick and important thing to point out about this data, is that his schedule was already light even before Tuesday, when he fired FBI Director Comey.

He was pretty much already starting to give up even before the firestorm he set off on Tuesday.

What do you make of this precipitous drop in activity? Is Trump thinking of calling it quits?