Just as Donald Trump thought he was out of the woods and the publicity on his affair with Stormy Daniels had died down, a whole new catastrophe has presented itself in the form of a lawsuit filed by Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, against President Trump.

Ms. Daniels and Avenatti argued that the nondisclosure agreement that Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen had the porn star to sign, is invalid due to the fact that Donald Trump never signed it.

These allegations have surely taken a toll on Trump’s marriage, and after 13 years of marriage, Melania is at her wits end and is contemplating leaving him.

Mr. Cohen has continued to bully Daniels into signing nondisclosure agreements and restraining orders, and he has contacted her about these issues as recently as February 28.

Sources in the White House revealed that the First Lady was mad before, but now after the lawsuit had been filed and that Avenatti confirmed that Trump and Daniels’ relationship was sexual, she is “incandescent with anger.”

A close source told the Mirror, “Melania is no fool. She is a highly intelligent woman who makes up her own mind. The mounting accusations are taking their toll.”

When Barack Obama was the U.S. President, he and Michelle were the picture perfect couple, showing America what a real marriage looked like.

And now, we have Donald Trump who can’t stay faithful to his wife for more than five minutes, and Melania who continues to put up with his crap.

Some have even started calling the White House, the “Fight House.”