Trump’s Favorite Motorcycle Company Is Closing Down A Major Plant Thanks To The GOP Tax Bill

Trump and the Republicans promised that their trillion-dollar tax cut for billionaires and corporations, while the middle class would be stuck with more expenses, would eventually “trickle down” to regular Americans in the form on new jobs and higher wages.

It’s already not working. Corporations chose one-time donations over actual raises, leaving wages stagnant. And money companies are firing workers despite the increase of wealth. Wal-Mart closed 63 Sam’s Club while Kimberly-Clark cut 5,000 jobs and cited the bill as the reason why.

Now another company is joining that list, and it’s one of Trump’s favorites—Harley-Davidson.

The motorcycle manufacturer is shuttering its Kansas City, Missouri plant, resulting in about 800 layoffs, USA TODAY reports.

Their decision to close the facility is attributed to an $8.3 million quarterly earnings drop that was triggered “in part because of a charge associated with President Trump’s tax cut.”

Trump loves to talk about Harley-Davidson. He brings them up repeatedly during campaign speeches and even plugged them during a speech to a joint session of Congress. He met with its executives at the White House.

Now they’re using his tax bill as the reasoning behind a massive layoff.

Democrats consistently warned that blue-collar and middle-class workers will be hurt because of the Trump Tax Bill.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that compared to the amount of money that corporations and billionaires are going to make, the one-time bonuses are “crumbs”—a PR stunt that will not create or save jobs.

But “crumbs” is still better than losing a job entirely, which, adding in Harley Davidson to Sam’s Club and Kimberly Clark, there are already over 15,000 people now unemployed.

Trump said that bikers “have been so good to me” and are “fantastic people who truly love our country.”

While they supported him before, that might end. He just cost them an entire plant and 800 jobs.

Everyone knew the tax bill would eventually come back to hurt Americans, but this is a lot faster than anyone anticipated.