Trump Supporters Say Donald Trump Has ‘Accomplished More Than Any Other President,’ Are They Delusional??

Although President Trump’s national approval rating is less than 40%, there are parts of the country that think he is doing great things. One of those places: Nebraska.

Especially Butler County, where almost 80% of residents voted for Trump. “You won’t find much buyer’s remorse around here,” Mayor Alan Zavodny of David City, the county seat for Butler, told CNN.

Bob Higler, an alfalfa farmer who sold a part of his land to the Keystone CL pipeline, which Trump revived after Obama shut it down, especially appreciates Trump.

“I’m really impressed with all of the things that (Trump’s) accomplished,” the 72-year-old farmer said. “Energy security is one of his big things, and that’s what this is all about.”

But when the people of David City were asked why they still support Trump despite that he hasn’t had a single legislative victory, they quickly blamed others.

“He hasn’t had the accomplishments because he hasn’t had the cooperation of the majority in Congress, and they need to get on board with him,” said John Svec, a high school government teacher.

Russia, the citizens called the alleged collusion “small diddly stuff,” and echoed the president by calling it fake news.

They still believe that Donald Trump Jr.’s son met with a Kremlin attorney to discuss adoption, even though the White House admitted that statement was false. To top it off, if Russia spread fake news and Twitter bots did influence the election, it’s not something that bothers them.

“Did (Russia) purposefully change any votes?” Svec asked CNN. “They may have changed some minds but did they change any votes? I don’t think that they did. It’s not something that’s a concern of mine.”

The one thing they don’t like of Trump? Twitter. Larry and Ann Sabata encourage the president to “tone that down a little bit,” and to “write it down, look at it, put it away.”

Across the state, Trump has a 52% approval rating, tied with Tennessee, according to a recent Gallup poll.

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