Trump Just Said Government Employees Who Criticize Him Are Committing Treason

In an attempt to discredit Mueller’s Russia Investigation, President Trump and the rest of the GOP have started focusing on a series of text messages sent by two FBI agents who criticized Trump, and many other politicians on both side of the aisle.

The Republicans claim that the texts prove that the agency is biased and therefore incapable of conducting a fair investigation.

Trump goes a little further. In an interview with  the Wall Street Journal, he said that the texts “amounted to treason.”

The two agents who sent the tweets, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were taken off the investigation team the moment the texts surfaced. And they weren’t just about Trump.

They said that Sanders is “an idiot like Trump,” and that Chelsea Clinton is “self-entitled.” Another text said “Turn it off turn it off!!!” when Eric Holder spoke at the Democratic convention.

As far as Trump, they called him a “loathsome human.”

“I cannot believe Donald Trump is likely to be an actual, serious candidate for president,” read yet another text.

The texts, however, were private and did not interfere with the work the agents were doing at the FBI, but they were removed anyway to make sure there wasn’t a bias.

That’s what Trump and his cronies don’t understand—the FBI already took care of the issue before it even became an issue. It’s kind of what the FBI does.

Trump calling this treason only shows that in his mind, a president and a dictator are the same thing.

And now, other government officials are going to have to worry that Trump is going to find them treasonous too, just for expressing their opinions in that pesky American tradition Trump seems to hate, Freedom of Speech.