Trump Just Arrived In Southern California To See Border Wall…Immediately Got A Bad Surprise

Donald Trump has arrived in Southern California on Tuesday to survey prototypes of his long-touted border wall, and is facing protests from both sides of the proposed wall.

Demonstrations are being planned on both sides of the border to protest Trump’s visit to San Diego.

Trump is set to see prototypes of the border wall, which have been constructed near the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego.

Police are setting up a “temporary restriction area” around the site of the wall prototypes in anticipation of large rallies and protests in the area, according to The Washington Post. Authorities have vowed to prosecute anyone who brings “implements of riot” to protests, including knives, bricks and guns.

Even in the day before Trump’s visit, signs of protests were visible. Activists and elected officials gathered in San Diego’s Chicano Park on Monday to call for demonstrations opposing the border wall, the AP reported.

And Monday evening, a crowd of roughly 250 people took to the streets of downtown San Diego to protest the border wall.

California has emerged as a hotbed of opposition to Trump’s policies, particularly those related to immigration.

The president’s visit also comes about a week after the Justice Department sued California over the state’s so-called sanctuary laws, which the administration claims obstruct federal immigration officials from doing their jobs.

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#Trump is staying in L.A. tonight, and there are gonna be major protests

— Fun World (@FunWrld) March 13, 2018