Trump Has Been Subpoenaed In Sexual Assault Lawsuit That Could Lead To His Impeachment

President Trump was sued last year for assault by Summer Zervos, for unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior specifically, Zervos is a former contestant on the Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice.

A previously unreported subpoena court file has shown up and has been noticed regarding the case, that if the court does not dismiss, could actually lead to Trump’s impeachment.

You can see the court filing here, which was finally filed by the clerk on the 19th of September, last month.

The subpoena directs Trump to hand over any documents from his campaign pertaining to, “any woman alleging that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.”

Zervos and her lawyers have basically filed this subpoena to fight a motion to dismiss from President Trump.

If this subpoena survives Trump’s motion to dismiss, this lawsuit can proceed forward into “discovery”, which will allow the accuser, Zervos, to seek the evidence she needs to prove that Trump engaged in unwanted touching of her.

Summer Zervos accused Trump of kissing and grabbing her when she went to his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007, to discuss a possible job at the Trump Organization.

Zervos made her accusation last October, before the election.

Trump denied her accusation and the accusations of other women, calling them all liars, “Nothing ever happened with any of these women.”

trump tweeting

Trump would absolutely be impeached if he lost this lawsuit, as his Trump’s lawyers have outright stated in their attempts to have the suit dismissed.

They are also trying to delay it, by arguing that Trump is protected from civil lawsuits in state court while in office.

They are now claiming that the subpoena is “far reaching” and “seeks wholly irrelevant information intended solely to harass the president.”

Justice can sometimes be delayed, but wrongdoings have a way of catching up to you.

Trump is in trouble here because he has been caught on tape joyfully admitting to these exact behaviors he has been accused of.

This case should be watched closely, as Trump’s response to Zervos’ subpoena is due on the 31st of this month.

Court cases takes years, but it has been a year since this one was filed, so movement is finally happening.