Trump Experiencing Some Kind Of Health Issue Abroad & Cancelling Events As A Result

Trump health crisis

President Donald Trump seems to be experiencing some kind of health issue while abroad on his first trip overseas as President, which is causing him to cancel quite a few appearances.

The official narrative is that he is “exhausted.”

Even more worrisome is that Ivanka Trump is filling in for him instead.

Trump speaking

A senior White House official confirmed that President Trump messed up part of his speech in Saudi Arabia by using the term “Islamic” rather than “Islamist” because he was “exhausted.”

“He’s just an exhausted guy,” the official told reporters behind the scenes, after many pointed out that Trump avoided the term “radical Islamic terrorism” during his speech to leaders of more than 50 Muslim majority nations.

exhausted Donald Trump

Trump canceled his scheduled appearance at a “Tweeps event” on short notice in Saudi Arabia and Ivanka took his place instead.

Trump has also preemptively canceled his meeting with the Defense Minister of Israel, according to Anna Ahronheim of Jerusalem Post.

I find it highly troubling that Ivanka is the go to person to fill in for Trump whenever he has any problems.

Trump in Saudi Arabia

It could just be that Trump truly is exhausted and feeling the effects of jet lag, he is 70 and says he rarely sleeps.

But past behavior by this administration has me justifiably questioning the official White House narrative.

They consistently lie and change their story on such a regular basis that you literally cannot trust anything they say at this point by any objective measure.

Social interaction in general is an energy draining task, particularly if you have to socialize with people you don’t want to be around.

It could just be that Trump’s stress levels are super high because he’s forced to be surrounded by and interact with the exact group of people he has spouted hate about for over a year straight now.

Trump tired

I would caution against jumping to conclusions at this point, and any outlet that does is pure fake news.

His schedule seemed to be quite packed to begin with, and even though the White House admitted he was exhausted during his speech, he still gave the speech without much issue.

The real issue here is that Ivanka automatically steps in for him whenever he has any problems. Why is she basically a back up President?