Trump Claims He Was “First In His Class” At University Of Pennsylvania. See Reality Here…

In what will be an Earth shattering revelation it turns out that President Donald Trump has lied about the grades he received while he was pursuing higher education.

Trump has made his political career on lies and misrepresentations of a gigantic scope and therefore, his lack of honesty about his education may seem petty and small, but it most certainly is not.

Trump lies about all matters, as that is how a pathological liar operates.

The news about Trump’s fibbing regarding his academic record was easily verifiable as it is a matter of public record.

However, that did not stop members of the mainstream media, including the New York Times, from publishing that Trump “graduated first in his class.”

They wrote this because Trump has claimed that his former school, Wharton, was “super genius stuff.”

Such a description makes one wonder how Trump would believe his lie would go undiscovered forever, but being short sighted is part of Trump’s game.

A report from the Daily Pennsylvanian showed that in 1968 there were 56 students on Wharton’s Dean’s List, and Trump was not on the list.

It is that simple. If Trump were at the top of his class, he’d be on the list which can be observed below.

Trump graduated, but not with honors:

Wharton list

A former classmate of Trump’s, Louis Calomaris, said, “He was not an intellectual man, but that wasn’t what his goal was. He’s not an intellectual now, that’s pretty obvious. What I saw early on was an unbounded ambition that did come to fruition, because it matched his firm’s needs, and that’s how these things work.”

Not an intellectual? Well that may be the understatement of the century.