Trump Asking For Donations But Not For Hurricane Harvey

As we speak, Hurricane Harvey is still causing trouble in Texas, resulting in unprecedented flooding that experts say will continue until Thursday.

So far, President Trump has tweeted thanks to victims for surviving, praised the rescue workers, and sent encouragement.

A tweet he failed to write was one asking for donations recovery and aid to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Trump did ask for donations but not for hurricane relief. Instead, he asked Americans to make donations to the unnatural disaster of his 2020 election campaign.

In emails sent to his supporters, Trump is asking them to donated between $75-$200.

 “We’re coming up on our FEC-mandated end-of-month deadline and the media will be waiting to see if the American people have walked away from our movement,” the campaign email read. “With your help, our numbers will show the world that the people are still fighting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

What does this tell us? It tells us that Trump cares more for how his donation numbers look than for those left homeless by the hurricane.

If he wanted to “Make America Great Again”, he’d raise donations to help those in Texas instead of accepting money to stuff his billionaire purse.