The White House Doesn’t Want You to See This Disturbing Footage of Trump in Europe, But We Have it Right Here! [Video]

There were a ton of gaffes during Trump’s overseas trip, particularly, the European portion of the trip, however, this footage of Trump slipped through the cracks until now.

While in Europe, Trump did the old scratch the side of your head while flipping someone off move to the Italian Prime Minister.

The footage can be seen below in a video posted by Twitter user @Politics_PR:

“The Orange Idiot giving the finger to other heads of state like a 4 year old child. #TheResistance”

Trump can clearly be seen flipping off the Italian Prime Minister while he was speaking.

If conservatives try to say this wasn’t done on purpose, they’ll be sorely mistaken.

The look on Trump’s face, while he made the gesture, proves that he knew what he was doing.

To think that the POTUS could sink low enough to do something this immature is pathetic to think about.

This Twitter user said it best:

Can you believe Donald stooped low enough to flip off another world leader?