The Rest Of The Photos And Videos From Franken And Tweeden’s USO Tour Just Emerged

In the tumultuous aftermath of Leeann Tweeden’s accusations against Al Franken during a 2006 USO trip to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, new photos and videos have emerged that cast doubt on her account.

During the very same USO tour in question, Tweeden can be seen blatantly groping the backside of a male performer and kissing another.

tour just emerged

While the details surrounding the rest of Tweeden’s interactions on this tour are still unclear, the images and videos of a woman who is not nearly as prim and puritanical as she has let on are striking, to say the least.

This USO tour is not the only time that Tweeden has put her sexually aggressive behavior on display. At one point, she even did so with the iconic, late Robin Williams.

It should also be noted that Tweeden just signed a book deal with Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which has also inked deals with prominent conservative voices, including Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, and the Mercers.

As evidence has begun to spread that perhaps Tweeden had a political agenda behind her decision to name Franken, a growing movement of support has coalesced behind the Minnesota Senator.

If it is revealed that she perverted the important #MeToo campaign to launch a smear job on a Senator who has been a vital advocate for women, it would be a major blow to victims of sexual harassment and assault across the country.