The American Public Spent AT LEAST $43 Million Last Year So Trump Could Play Golf

The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency is over, and we now get to look at all the stats of what he did in 2017, and, especially, how much it cost the American taxpayer.

One of the most criticized habits of Trump was, of course, his golfing.

He went golfing a lot. So much so that the public spent at least $43 million for him to play his favorite game.

The data comes from, which tracks not only the number of days the President golfed, but his frequent trips to his private clubs, and the cost of travel.

To date, he’s already golfed 43 times. He spent 35 days at Mar-a-Lago, and 33 at Bedminster. The total cost to travel to both golf clubs is nearly $30 million alone.

One of the most shocking statistics? Since his inauguration, he visited one of his clubs once every four days.

The site also compares Trump’s golfing to Obama’s. Given that Obama’s golfing was one of the topics Trump loved to complain about the most, it’s only fair to compare the two.

According to, Obama golfed 306 days over his entire presidency.

Trump is expected to eclipse that in just his first term, and more than double it if he is reelected.

In their first year, TrumpGolfCount provides a clear look at just how much more Trump hit the green.

Trump and Obama golf chart

golf chart

Another important stat? Who is Trump playing with? It’s not policymakers or world leaders. It’s mostly athletes and business execs:

Trump number of partners


Trump number of partners chart

This is only the cost of his golfing habits—not just all of his travel, and the cost to the counties and Secret Service.

Nor does it cover the secret service expenses for his children’s travel. And it’s only the first year.