Senator Jeff Flake Just Called Trump Out For Being A Dictator And A LIAR!

Donald Trump doesn’t like to be criticized and he has gone too great lengths to ensure that public is aware of his grand achievements

Senator Jeff Flakes stepped forth this Tuesday to stated that he is still concerned about President Trump’s “relationship with the truth,” specifically noting Trump’s tendency to brand unfavorable stories about him as “fake news.”

“When you call fake things real and real things fake, what you do is give comfort to dictators worldwide who want to label protests or their opposition as fake news. So I think that’s tremendously damaging,” Flake stated while appearing on “Meet The Press Daily.”

Flake, who has become a often vocal critic of the president, claims that he has plans to make several speeches on the Senate floor in the coming days about Trump’s relationship with the truth and how it affects America as a nation.

Flake declared last year that he would not be seeking re-election in November.

On Tuesday, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a adamant Trump supporter whom the president personally pardoned after he was convicted of ignoring court orders, announced his intention to seize Flake’s seat. The Arizona race could include an over blown GOP primary.

Trump is known to lash out against the media and brand stories “fake news,” typically attacking mainstream outlets such as CNN and The New York Times.

The phrase has been installed by authoritarian leaders elsewhere, including in Syria, the Philippines and Turkey.

The president declared last week that he would be presenting “the most dishonest & corrupt media awards” this Wednesday.

Perhaps if President Trump didn’t want to be scrutinized he shouldn’t have taken the hardest job in the world.