Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Just Responded Perfectly To Trump’s Russian Collusion Scandal

Trump has the singular, ignominious accomplishment of alienating and horrifying both the Democratic and Republican establishment.

The only people who seem to support our mendacious president are the madmen and women who so badly want to see the system implode that they’re willing to justify even Trump’s Russian collusion.

Amidst the chaos though, saner voices continue to ring out. Today, Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis spoke out against Trump, invoking some of her beloved father’s famous rhetoric, in particular, his assertion that America is a “shining city on a hill.”


However one feels about the former president – and much ill can be said of Reagan, from his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal to overlooking the Kurdish genocide to supporting Apartheid – at least it can be said that he wasn’t an unhinged unpatriotic conman.

He may not have been the great president Republicans try to paint him as, but neither was he a kleptomaniacal narcissist like Trump.

The essay offers a stark reminder of just how far the Republican party has fallen. The full text can be read here.