Michelle, Malia And Sasha Obama Sport Matching Sarongs In Bali

The family visited Indonesia’s Tirtha Empul temple.

Matchy, matchy, matchy!

Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama were spotted outside the Tirtha Empul temple in Bali Tuesday wearing baseball caps and matching sarongs.

Sasha and Malia looks cool

The yellow striped sarongs are given out to visitors before they enter the temple ― they are also seen on a few other tourists in the photo.

It’s proper etiquette to cover up with a sarong before entering a Balianese temple.

Malia and Michelle matchy match

The visit marks yet another activity on the Obama family’s 10-day trip to Indonesia, which so far included water rafting on Monday and will also include a visit to ancient city Yogyakarta, where Obama’s mother did anthropological research when Obama was a small child, according to the Associated Press.

Hats off to this cool, casual and venue-appropriate travel trio..

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