Melania Trump’s Jacket Has “Fashionistas” Raving, It May Cost More Than You Make In A Year! [Find Out]

Despite living in a gold-plated penthouse in New York City, Donald Trump managed to make working class Americans feel like he understood them.

But even after becoming president, Trump and his family have made no indication that they would actually show their concern to the American people, and keep flaunting their wealth.

Take, for instance, how fashion experts fawned over Melania Trump’s outfit while in Brussels:

And today Melania Trump, 47, pulled off another style triumph as she joined her fellow G7 spouses in Catania, Italy, in a $51,000 floral coat by Dolce & Gabanna, which was covered with colorful 3-D flower embellishments – and came complete with a matching $1,630 purse by the Italian luxury label.

Melania’s jacket cost more than most teachers, police officers, and firefighters make in America. In fact, it’s almost equivalent to the average American salary, which the US Census reports as $55,775 in 2015.

melania trump jacket

When Michelle Obama wore a $12,000 Carolina Herrera gown to a state dinner, conservatives were furious.

Fox gave it extensive coverage, complaining that it cost more than the US poverty level. Melania wore a coat that cost as much as an average middle-class wage, but there’s no Fox outrage.

In fact, Fox even criticized Barack Obama for asking for Dijon mustard, claiming that he was out of touch with Americans for liking Great Poupon.

Now, with a president wasting American tax dollars on weekend vacations, and his wife wearing outfits that cost more than some people’s year salary, conservatives don’t seem to care.