Ivanka Trump’s Blog Tweets About Having “Champagne Popsicles” For Memorial Day, Immediately Gets A BRUTAL RESPONSE!

Memorial day is supposed to be the day Americans come together to pay respect to the people who’ve died while serving the country.

But if you’re Ivanka Trump, make popsicles…and not any popsicles, CHAMPAGNE POPSICLES!

On Sunday, the Ivanka Trump brand posted a painfully tone-deaf tweet just in time for the holiday, writing, “What a better way to honor fallen soldiers than with a nostalgic childhood treat and a little “adult beverage?”

Presidents and their senior advisors are typically expected to post something respectful about Memorial Day.

It felt particularly hypocritical for some that Ivanka posted about drinking such an expensive beverage when her family is proposing massive social service cuts to low-income families.

Even Donald Trump appeared to have let a real adult craft his tweet today.

Since joining the White House, Ivanka Trump has chosen to put her company in a trust. Ivanka remains the sole beneficiary of the trust and continues to wield power over the brand.

As you can imagine, Twitter was LIVID: