Hillary Clinton Just Went Viral With Powerful Message To Students Protesting Gun Violence

Amid the resounding success of National Walkout Day, students from all over the country flexed their political muscles, some for the first time in their short lives, to bring attention to the seriousness of their commitment to end the scourge of gun violence plaguing our schools, churches, and public venues.

While some regressive Republican leaders, such as South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, condemned the walkout as a leftist plot to manipulate students, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter with a perspective that should help students ignore the comments from NRA-funded politicians like McMaster.

Clinton’s words of support and admiration for the activist students fighting for their own safety as well as that of their classmates and faculty were welcomed by the Twittersphere.

Of course, this being Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed, the messages of appreciation for the winner of the popular vote for president were intermingled with the diatribes from the disgusting trolls who, with some assistance from the Kremlin, helped her opponent win the electoral college.

The behavior of the activist students today, however, prove that those people whom Clinton so rightly called “deplorables” during her campaign, will soon be superseded with a new generation of Americans who will fight to undo all of the harmful policies that the Trump administration has been putting in place.

They’ve started their fight with an attack on the NRA agenda of unlimited guns and ammunition, but once they get a taste of victory, you can bet that they will turn to fight against other areas of injustice, as well. They will continue to inspire millions of Americans as they do.