Hillary Clinton Just Called Out Trump Over His Covfefe

Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist getting in on the covfefe action, especially after President Trump’s Wednesday night tweet about her.

In response to Clinton’s remarks at the Recode Conference on the 2016 election — in which the former Secretary of State blamed her loss on both FBI Director James Comey’s late October letter to Congress and the spread of fake news on Facebook — President Trump once again tweeted about his former presidential election opponent, calling her “crooked” and a “terrible candidate.”

Clinton, who made it clear at the conference that she wouldn’t be running for president again, nonetheless couldn’t resist the temptation to tweet back at Trump, invoking the now-legendary “covfefe” typo he tweeted on late Tuesday night.

As of this writing, Clinton’s tweet has accumulated more than 25,000 retweets in less than an hour — far more interaction than Trump’s tweet about her.

In the tweet Clinton is referencing, President Trump complained about “negative press covfefe,” which is assumed to be a typo for “coverage.”

Within hours, “Covfefe” became the top worldwide trending topic on Twitter, as millions of people tweeted and retweeted covfefe-related memes making fun of Trump’s ineptitude at the English language.