‘He Needs To Apologize’, Former FBI Agent Rips GOP Lawmaker Over Claims Of ‘Secret Society’ In FBI

The Republicans have been known to makes some pretty outlandish statements.

From their extremist point-of-view to their far-right logic, there are major concerns about the GOP’s ability to think critically about what President Trump’s agenda is doing to America.

But Trump supporters show no signs of questioning their leader. It is almost as if Trump can say or do anything and his disciples will blindly follow.

For example, the GOP used to be law enforcement and the FBI’s biggest cheerleader, blasting anyone who dares speak an ill word about the government agency.

However, since Trump’s rise to power, the GOP has since turned on the FBI following accusations from former FBI Director James Comey that Trump committed obstruction of justice when he asked him to back off his investigation in the president’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe is not something the GOP is too crazy about either.

President Trump and the rest of the GOP’s attacks on FBI have been incessant recently and show no signs of letting up. In fact, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) actually told reporters that he feels there is a “secret society” inside the FBI that wants to undermine President Trump.

But one former FBI agent is arguing that the attacks are unacceptable and is demanding an apology from the Republican lawmaker.

“This is not funny. This is a U.S. senator and he is claiming that there’s a secret society within the FBI to take down the president of the United States,” former agent Ali Soufan asserted.

“He went on television, telling that to the American people. He needs to go on TV again and he needs to apologize,” he insisted.

The former FBI agent was referring to a recent interview where Johnson linked off-site meetings to a text message between former FBI agents referring to a “secret society”.

Soufan pointed out that Johnson as “a demagogue” and a “partisan.” “He’s putting partisanship above country. And that is very, very dangerous,” Soufan said.