Former U.S. Ambassador Tells Americans to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, the President ‘Betrayed’ the Nation!

In the Trump era, government officials with any inkling of dignity are abandoning ship.  One of those individuals who refused to work under Trump is former U.S. Ambassador to Panama, John Feely.

The Washington Post just ran an op-ed penned by Feely that blasts the president’s immigration policies.

CNN reported that “Feeley was a career diplomat who was sworn in as ambassador in January 2016. He submitted his resignation letter to the White House in late December 2017.”

In his Post piece, Feely wrote, “I resigned because the traditional core values of the United States, as manifested in the President’s National Security Strategy and his foreign policies, have been warped and betrayed.”

“I could no longer represent him personally and remain faithful to my beliefs about what makes America truly great,” he continued.

Feely added, “America is undoubtedly less welcome in the world today, as the President pursues a unilateral and isolationist path.”

He went on to say that voters “deserve enlightened and informed debate about the true nature of the globalized economy, automation, and the need for education and reimagined job-skills programs to keep us competitive.”

When he announced his resignation, Feely vowed to “speak to Americans and explore our nation’s fears and perceptions about the migration challenges we face.”