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    Donald Trump, Jr. Sends Disgusting Tweet For Hillary Clinton’s 70th Birthday Today

    Hillary Clinton turns 70 years old today and Donald Trump Jr. celebrated by sending her a mean tweet from one year ago proclaiming herself the future president. “A year later the arrogance and entitlement in...
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    CNN Just Published the Letter Barack Obama Gave Donald Trump on Inauguration Day

    There is a tradition where the outgoing US president leaves a letter for his successor in the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. The contents of the letter are eventually made public—and preserved in a...

    General Calls Trump Out For His ‘Insulting’ Speech

    President Trump recently delivered a Thanksgiving address to American troops and, predictably, it ended up being pompous and self-promoting. Ret. Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, who serves as a military analyst on CNN, called Trump out...
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    Trump Praises Dictator for Murdering Thousands of His Own People in Leaked Conversation

    Leaked Conversation Reveals Trump’s Support Of A Murderer And Dictator Leaked transcript reveals President Donald Trump’s strong support for a dictator who murdered his own people. It is certainly not the first time that Trump has expressed support for criminals,...
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    World Leaders Hesitate to Trust U.S.

    After Saudi Arabia cut off ties with Qatar, Trump tweeted in his support of the Saudis’ recent decision to part ways. “Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!”...

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