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    White House reporter loses it at Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    White House Reporter LOSES IT At Sarah Huckabee Sanders, After She Calls Reporters “Fake...

    White House reporter Brian Karem, who works for Sentinel Newspapers, pushed back against Sarah Huckabee Sanders and said what many people have been thinking. This started when Sanders took the first question from Breitbart’s Charlie...

    Psychologist Analyzes Trump’s Supporters, And Notes Five Key Traits They All Have In Common

    The rise of Trump blindsided many political experts. Even now, despite having a 33% approval rating, he also draws large crowds and has a lot of die-hard supporters. The mindset of a Trump supporter has...
    Obama’s CIA Chief tweeted at Trump

    Obama’s CIA Chief Just Tweeted At Trump With His First Tweets Ever

    The Trump administration humiliated itself today in another stunning faceplant on the international stage. Recently, the president chose to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a move that many feared would incite violence...

    Trump: America Won’t ‘Look Foolish’ As Long As I’m Here

    President Trump on Saturday reiterated his assertions that there was “no collusion” between his presidential campaign and Russia but sidestepped a question on whether he’d cooperate personally with the ongoing investigation. Asked whether he would...

    With a straight face, Kellyanne Conway says Trump’s best quality is his ‘humility’

    Kellyanne Conway‘s “alternative facts” are welcome anywhere other than Fox News, it’d be at televangelist Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, which is exactly where she ended up this Tuesday. At the outset of the interview, Robertson asked...
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