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    ICE police US Department of Homeland Security

    Trump’s ‘Deportation Force’ Just Announced An Unprecedented Nationwide Raid

    Trump’s Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to conduct a nationwide raid that would target an unprecedented 8,400 undocumented immigrants. The raids, described as “the largest operation of its kind in the history of ICE,” are...

    Psychologist Analyzes Trump’s Supporters, And Notes Five Key Traits They All Have In Common

    The rise of Trump blindsided many political experts. Even now, despite having a 33% approval rating, he also draws large crowds and has a lot of die-hard supporters. The mindset of a Trump supporter has...
    Sean Spicer on cevfefe issue

    Spicer: The President And A Small Group Of People Know What “Covfefe” Means (Details)

    During today’s press briefing, reporters finally got to ask the question that has been blowing up the Internet. What is “covfefe?” To most of us, it appeared Trump was going to post “despite all the...
    Elizabeth Warren

    Elizabeth Warren Just Gave Trumpcare The Perfect Label

    Mitch McConnell and his Republican lackeys officially unveiled their disastrous Trumpcare bill today. It’s now abundantly clear why they were embarrassed enough to keep it secret for so long. The legislation throws millions of Americans off...

    Joe Kennedy III Calls Out Paul Ryan: What Version Of ‘Mercy’ Did You Get...

    In a direct shot at House Speaker Paul Ryan, U.S. Rep Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) attacked the GOP’s plan to repeal Obamacare In a press conference this Tuesday, Ryan raised eyebrows when he said the GOP’s...

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