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    Republican Gov. Matt Bevin and President Trump

    Kentucky To Require ‘Literacy Tests’ For ‘Certain Populations’ In Order To Receive Medical Care

    On Thursday, the Trump administration made it easier for states to force Medicaid recipients to work more. Today, they already approved the first state seeking to take advantage of the new guidance: Kentucky. The proposal, by Republican Gov....
    Trump look up

    Trump Hotel Caught Directly Profiting Off Taxpayer Dime

    Ethics watchdogs have warned about Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest since before he took office — and for good reason. Despite claiming that he would divest from his businesses, Trump simply turned them over to his sons, keeping...
    Trump attack Obama

    Trump Just Launched A Sinister Attack Against Obama To Cover Up His Russian Treason

    The president of the United States spent his morning playing golf – but it doesn’t seem to have cooled his ire, since he immediately took to Twitter to fire off an attack on President...

    Breaking: Trump Administration Won’t Withdraw From Paris Climate Deal

    According to The Wall Street Journal, the Trump Administration won’t be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Deal. Any shift in the US position on the historic deal could be hugely significant, after Trump announced in June...

    Trump Supporters Have Stopped Watching The News Because It’s All “Fake News” Against Their...

    With Trump failing as a president, and the bad news mounting more and more every day, Trump supporters have decided that they can no longer listen to all the horrible things Trump is doing...

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