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    the lawmaker Nily Rozic

    Donald J Trump State Park To Be Renamed After Charlottesville Victim, Heather Heyer

    A lawmaker from New York State is encouraging colleagues to consider changing the name of Donald J Trump State Park to honor the woman who was killed during the violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, Heather...
    Joe Kennedy's announcement

    Joe Kennedy Announces His Guest For Trump’s SOTU & It’s Got Donald Seething

    In the comparatively short time that President Trump has been in office, he’s managed to lob attacks at a stunning array of interests. He’s supposed to be representing the people of the United States, but...

    Donald Trump’s Highest Paid White House Advisers Are Getting A Nice, Big Raise

    Next week, salaries in the federal government are going to increase, and some of President Trump’s staffers will be making more money than most members of Congress, and it won’t be the first time. Right now, the...

    Trump Makes Dangerous Move Against Free Speech! Just Like Hitler!

    US comedian Stephen Colbert is going to be investigated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over a joke about Trump which featured Trump being Putin’s indecent act companion. I love how our government can’t properly...
    Ivanka Trump tweet about eclipse

    Ivanka Trump Just Tweeted About The Eclipse And It Quickly Backfired

    The United States, desperate for any kind of distraction from the utter chaos engulfing our nation’s capital, is eagerly awaiting the full solar eclipse that will take place on Monday, August 21. Ivanka Trump, fresh off...

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