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    Congressman Darrell Issa is currently hiding out on the roof

    Republican Congressman Is Hiding On His Roof RIGHT NOW To Avoid His Angry Constituents,...

    You can’t make this stuff up! Congressman Darrell Issa is currently hiding out on the roof of his District office in California. The Republican Congressman hid out on the roof of his office on Tuesday...

    Image Of Trump And Saudi King Goes Viral

    President Trump’s first foreign trip abroad as POTUS was marked by many events. Some were caught on camera, others overheard by reporters. However, one photo, in particular, is going viral. Trump has previously tweeted criticism of...
    3 people investigating Ivanka shoe factory

    What Just Happened To The 3 People Investigating Ivanka Shoe Factory?

    The Associated Press reported today that a man investigating worker abuse on behalf of a worker’s rights organization at the Chinese factory which produces Ivanka Trump brand footwear has been arrested – and two more have simply...

    Just In: Trump Launched Another Disastrous Yemen Raid While You Were Sleeping…

    Just six days into his “presidency,” Donald Trump ordered a raid to capture terrorists that occurred in Yemen. The administration wants to claim the mission was a success, yet a Navy SEAL, William Ryan Owens,...
    Elizabeth Warren

    Elizabeth Warren Just Gave Trumpcare The Perfect Label

    Mitch McConnell and his Republican lackeys officially unveiled their disastrous Trumpcare bill today. It’s now abundantly clear why they were embarrassed enough to keep it secret for so long. The legislation throws millions of Americans off...

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